about this project

The photographs in "Every Separation" record distances, gaps, and divisions arising between subjects in the public space. Human beings are constantly maintaining and optimizing these distances, distances which embody relationships, social hierarchies, racial tension, alienation and affection, anticipation and uncertainty.

Sometimes these distances are shaped by conscious gestures: a hand reaches out but does not quite touch, or it points with a sense of total certainty. A face turns away and emits a puff of smoke in dismissal, or turns back to listen attentively.

Sometimes it is a matter of unconscious choreography: keeping distances, averting gazes, bodies taking forming constellations within divisions established by deliberate or accidental signs in the environment.

And sometimes the smooth choreography breaks down. Strangers converse awkwardly across an ocean of air. Eye contact is made by mistake, and transforms into a challenge, or a question.

The photographer is, of course, caught up in these distances, gestures, and moments of recognition. The gaze of the camera, and its meetings with or failures to meet with the eyes of the subjects, forms a point in each constellation. The distance between the photographer and the subject establishes the scale -- as well as demonstrating something about the photographer's changing blend of courage and cowardice.

The title of this project is a quotation from Simone Weil. The full sentence is, "Every separation is a connection."