about this project

There are few objects which are more strongly locked in to their customary symbolic use than a flag; the vast majority of representations of flags fall into either nationalistic/patriotic uses or into very blunt subversions of those uses.

When photographed with infrared light, markings on objects like flags may be partially or completely effaced. Tonal values of stripes may become indistinguishable. Words and logos may vanish entirely, or may only fade partly away. If the flag is twisted by the wind, so that parts of the surface are front-lit and parts are back-lit, then the effacement may be discontinuous across the flag's length.

With its markings effaced, and with its form distorted by motion, a flag can be transfigured, if only momentarily, into something entirely different. This ability of light and motion to remake a thing -- and free it from the burden of its ideological payload -- fascinates me.

This is an ongoing project.