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Mysterious Commute

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

This morning, I was running late for work. I should have rushed as much as possible without straining my asthmatic lungs, but I kept running across the most interesting combinations of light and shadow — specific combinations that I simply don’t encounter on the days when I’m on time, or on the weekends, when I either don’t go into work (preferably) or go into work at different times entirely.

Running Late

This is a parking lot. The wall is recessed several feet at the bottom, and the light was streaming in almost horizontally, so that it passed below the edge of the nearer portion of the wall to strike the lower portion of the wall, which creates the downward-pointing light patch.

Running Late

This is the same parking lot, standing farther back. The area covered in the first image occupies the upper left hand corner of this image. You can also see the crossed diagonals of the long shadows of trees, the white lines of the parking spaces, and a wedge of light coming off/through a car window.

Running Late

These halos of light are caused by light passing through the thick and filthy glass of the parking meters.