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You can see by my stubble that I am a web designer

Monday, December 29th, 2008

During my time off for the holidays, I’m growing some epically (is that a word) scraggly stubble, and I figured that was a sign that it was time to update my web site. I’m in the process of working on that now. I bought a copy of the excellent Coda from Panic Software. Not that I’m qualified to use it (I vaguely recall just enough about html and CSS to get myself into trouble), but it’s a very useful tool for creating and maintaining sites in a rational and bloat-free manner. (Coda being bloat-free, not necessarily my site.)

Holiday Stubble

I’ve already fixed some minor problems and started putting myself on a better footing to keep the site up-to-date going forward. I’m also going to take a crack at replacing the flash galleries with plain html. This is partly a preference for not relying on the software tools I used initially to create those galleries (sad to say, it was iPhoto), partly to do with editing and updating these things, and partly an ideological bias against the increasingly commonplace overuse and abuse of flash in web design today. Not, again, that I’m qualified to wage a one-man war against flash, but I know that when I visit web pages, I always find it heartening to encounter a photograph that isn’t encapsulated in stupid a flash interface.


Note that this does not indicate any claim on my part that I’m going to write standards-compliant HTML. Seriously, that’s probably not going to happen, no matter how long my stubble grows.