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Flood Control

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Flood Control Station

Sorry things have been dead here and, to a lesser extent, over at 1/125. It’s a function of equal parts holiday/family stuff, a metric f****ton of personal errands and whatnot (lots of whatnot), and having a bunch of film I need to get developed and scanned.

When I’ve been shooting it’s been mostly with my Koni-Omega. I sort of neglected it for quite a while there — in the fall I was mostly alternating between the RB67 and the Bessa R. I forgot the joy of working with that beautiful anachronistic monster. I also forgot how hard it is to walk down the street with the Koni-Omega — if I don’t have the camera discreetly in a bag, I get stopped by almost every passer-by to answer questions and receive compliments…