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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Lightning (View Large/Original)

In case you hadn’t noticed, I do a collaborative blogamathing with Karl called _1/125._ We post excellent photographs that we find online, we talk about photobooks we’re reading and are generally insightful, perceptive, and dashingly handsome. Or something.

We’ve got a new domain, ( and we’re celebrating that — and the fact that we’ve made it two months (that’s a decade in internet years) by giving away some of prints of our photographs. There’s some really good stuff there, and you don’t have to do anything onerous for a chance at it. For more info, see [the announcement post](

So, if you like the photographs I’ve posted here on this blog — particularly the street stuff — please do take a look at the post, and consider following us on Tumblr or signing up as a commenter with Disqus, the comments service we use. You can also fan us on Facebook, but I feel slightly hypocritical recommending that since I haven’t opened Facebook in months…


You should also take a look at what Karl’s posted there. He’s got a couple of fantastic street scenes — the kind that present the utterly mundane in a way that is not at all mundane, but serene and mysterious. He’s also got a wonderful up-close-and-personal soccer (or football for you heathens outside the US) action shot, if that’s more your line.

My contributions are street photography, and include “Lightning,” at top, “Pull,” above, and “Limits,” below.


(Note: We might make some substitutions in the lineup, but we certainly won’t offer replacements that aren’t a step up.)