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Tip of the Day: Don’t Delete Your Applications Folder

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

I’ve been more than lax about updating this blog and my website for a while now. There’s quite the laundry list of excuses for this, some of them extremely compelling. My personal favorite entry on this list, though, is that I deleted the applications folder on my laptop (not entirely my fault — an uninstaller went rogue on me), and had quite the time reconstructing my operation system. I sort of had things cobbled together for a few weeks, and then I finally thought to call Apple (I tend to forget that about the wonders of Applecare) and get some replacement discs.

So, I’m going to (hopefully) be updating things around the site, posting more regularly, and generally being a better net-citizen.

New Site, New Blog

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

So, I decided it was time for a website to amalgamate all my photo stuff. I had previously slapped all my photography blogging up in my personal blog, and then later half-heartedly put up a photoblog that I preceded to update almost never, and which had no provision for the incorporation of text. Silly.


I’ve been meaning to do something about that for a while. I’ve also been meaning to put up a sort of front page I could point people to when they asked for more information about my pictures, something a little more organized and a little more aesthetic than my flickr stream.

So here it is.

The site is relatively straightforward. I’m not a programmer, and I’m not a designer, so I tried to keep everything as simple and clean as I could. I’ll continue to massage the design and the content as I notice bugs and typos and as I generate new material.

In case anyone’s curious, the static html pages are written by hand using SubEthaEdit and Notepad2. Ditto the CSS — something I have to relearn every few years — both for the html and for the WordPress template styling the blog. The flash galleries were generated using Ken Welch’s Flash Album Exporter.

I’m hosting some of these images on my server, and some on flickr; this is simply a matter of convenience for me, since I haven’t taken the time to set up any kind of image management solution, so it’s faster to use flickr, especially for large files that I may be changing around on a regular basis.

Isn’t it so 1997 to have your name as your domain?

I debated the domain name for quite a while; I’m not a huge fan of using one’s own name for these things (I’m not a professional photographer, and the goal of this site — at this point — isn’t to run a business), but every other domain I could think of would require an additional layer of explanation every time I told someone what it was, and that just seems silly. This would be especially true if I chose to use — as much as I love “kukkurovaca” as an in-joke, as unique stream, and as a sort of branded username on many sites, it’s just not something most people can be taught how to spell.

So, what’s this blog for?

This isn’t a photoblog in the sense of “a feed that consists of images rather than text”; most of what’s here will (if all goes as planned) be text — reviews of books and gear, dissections of images, discussions of photography-related news and/or hype, and whatever other jibber-jabber seems appropriate.

Happy stuff!

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