Photography Against Solipsism

Late Afternoon

I am by nature, or at least lifelong habit, always apart from the world around me. Solipsism comes easily for me; connections comes hard. In the middle of a crowd, I am perhaps at my most alone, set off as I am by what I think of as my veil of indifference. Behind that barrier, I am free to live in my head and build pocket universes of private images, ideas, and judgments.

But cameras do not operate in pocket universes. The lens is necessarily a window outward. It is not quite an antidote for solipsism, but photography creates an opportunity to perceive other people with…not necessarily clarity, but with intensity.

_Note: strictly speaking, it is not true to say “cameras do not operate in pocket universes–a lot of studio photography is done inside pocket universes. But a camera in the street and a camera in the studio are practically unrelated tools._

One Response to “Photography Against Solipsism”

  1. erik.n Says:

    Wow. I identify something something profoundly with this post.

    It also makes me view the photo differently. Remember I said I didn’t care much for your shadow in the photo? In this context, it makes so much sense. I take back everything I said…