Film lag

Rainy Day at Work

Shooting a lot of film can sometimes make me feel out of sync. Particularly when I’m writing blog posts that have a connection to something happening at a particular time.

It generally takes a fair bit longer for a film photograph to go from exposure to being online than it does for a digital photograph. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a polaroid back and a film scanner, you can be nearly instantaneous. But generally speaking, some time passes before film is developed, and some more time passes before it gets scanned, and some more time before the scans are post-processed and uploaded.

That’s usually all to the good. A little time passing gives some perspective on things that can be of great value when it comes time to edit. (That’s edit, not post-process.)

It does sometime lead to a certain sense of temporal dislocation, though. I shot this roll of film on a rainy day, and I actually forgot about it. It wound up with a bunch of film that I’d set aside as being not time-sensitive, stuff that I determined I could “get to later.” I forgot about it, and some weeks went by, until I had a roll of film with the same dev time that I had to develop, so I snagged this to put on the other reel in my tank.

It’s funny, because this was shot on whatever the last rainy day was here. Since then, we’ve had sunny days and overcast days, and now we’re coming up on the next round of rain, just as I get these uploaded and posted here — right in time to be vaguely topical again…

Rainy Day at Work

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