Company releases self-serving study results. OMG!


“The last three years of data have shown a steady decline in people who report owning a traditional film camera, decreasing from 67% in 2007, to 61% in 2008, and dropping all the way to 48% in 2009.”

How does that show the “imminent death” of film cameras? Casual snapshooters who were going to switch to digital already have, and that part of the film market is already dead. In fact, I’m surprised there are that many in 2009 who acknowledge owning film cameras…

The people who are still shooting a lot of film (excluding disposable cameras) are not lay people, they’re pros and earnest amateurs. They make up a small fraction of the population, but they shoot a lot of film. And anyone who knows anything about photography already knows all these facts.

But thanks, “provider of award-winning imaging services for wireless carriers” for this press release which is doubtless going to be creating hideously annoying threads in flickr groups for weeks to come.

2 Responses to “Company releases self-serving study results. OMG!”

  1. gmac101 Says:


    You’re right film ain’t dead, at least I hope it’s not just got a Nikon FE

  2. ault Says:

    Last Friday I went to the Salon de la Photo – a retail level trade show in a Paris convention hall. All the big players were there, as well as the non-entities. Over 100 exhibitors in well more than 1000 square meters of space.

    Fuji had one small shelf of film in an isolated display cabinet. That was it. Kodak gave no indication that they even know what film is.

    There were a couple film bodies at chez Leica and someone had taken the film back off his Hasselblad to try a digital one at that stand. And Olympus had a couple classic Pens on display.

    But that was it.