Parking Lot Palimpset

I’ve been sort of laying low, photographically, for a while. Been shooting a lot of test rolls (which is fun, don’t get me wrong), a little purely utilitarian digital, and some bird stuff just to keep in practice. A lot of great potential images I’ve been banking for sofobomo.

But I did take out my RB67 a couple times last week — just long enough to convince myself that I need to get a proper camera backpack for sofobomo (I ordered one), and to take have my eye caught by a nice piece of accidental symbolism:


They’ve been updating the painted signs on the parking lot at work, and unsurprisingly, I suppose, they’re not taking any particular care with regard to the old markings. The result is that you have opposite symbols juxtaposed, as above, or words echoed or slurred:


And signs pertaining to wholly different audiences collide:


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