Snap Judgment: Rediscovering Film: Get Over it

I like film. In fact, I love film. And lately, I shoot more film than digital. But it seems like a lot of folks are investing film with an absurd mystical machismo, as though by shooting film you can reclaim your freaking manhood, or something.

It’s not a vision quest, it’s not a magic wand. It’s just a tool. Just use it.

Here’s an example — not even a prime offender, just something that popped up in my google reader:

THE ZEN OF FILM vs. DIGITAL GRATIFICATION « doug menuez 2.0: go fast, don’t crash

BTW: I’m not opposed to mysticism in photography; I’m a Minor White fan, after all. But the mysticism belongs to the relationship between the photographer and the subject and the viewer — not the damn gear.

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