Things you discover via referrers!/Jim Sharp vs. Graffiti

Painted Leaves

Interesting. There’s a guy in my area who goes around spraypainting over graffiti with silver paint, taking down postings and stickers, etc. I see a lot of his handiwork, and I’ve seen him in action a couple times.

The image is a particularly odd example — the graffiti was obscured by leaves, barely visible from the sidewalk; the silver paint calls far more attention to it than would have been given otherwise, not to mention the collateral damage to the shrubbery.

Anyway, I found out a little more about the fellow from this blog post, which I found via my flickr stats referrers log, since they used one of my other CC-licensed images:

The Press Never Sleeps (Portra 800:004:13)

It’s an odd sort of culture war. I don’t really have a stake in it — I seldom notice graffiti unless it’s unusually good, unusually interesting in its placement, or particularly atrocious; the vast majority of it falls well below the threshold, like most of the text that surrounds us city-dwellers.

It is an interesting story, though, and I’m glad to know a bit more about it.

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