Very short rant

This is a slight edit of a flickrmail I just sent someone discussing photography podcasts. It seemed worth making a note of, so I’m posting it here:

And both there and in most other photography podcasts, and a lot of the photography blogs, there’s a general sense that the most any of us are supposed to want to achieve is a career as a commercial or wedding photographer. I’m not sure I want to drop the A-word (art) but if there isn’t more to photography than getting someone to pay you to take pictures, I think I need to go back to knitting.

A major source of cognitive dissonance for me when it comes to photography is that I don’t have any background in art history or criticism. (My educational background is rather…scattered, to say the least, but it skews towards religious studies, philosophy, and some bits of sociology and psychology related to the study of education.) This makes it hard for me to identify with the perspective of the art-photography bloggers.

At the same time, I don’t much care about the commercial side of photography and the huge body of amateur photographers who would like to make a part- or full-time transition to doing commercial/portrait/wedding/stock photography.

Hell, maybe I should go back to knitting…

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  1. ault Says:

    there’s always room for both…