my stubble is strong!

Well, I’ve replaced all the flash galleries with good old-fashioned hand-coded html, including a new section of bird images. Not necessarily good hand-coded html, but for the most part it seems to work, at least in Firefox and Coda’s webkit-based preview. If anyone sees anything that doesn’t work on their browser, or anything more mundane like a broken or inaccurate link, let me know.

Holiday Stubble

There’s also a lot of best practices stuff that I simply haven’t done a great job with (like sizing of elements, for example), and that stuff is probably going to just have to wait for now. So if you have a weird size monitor, suck it up. Just kidding.

Some things that may make it on to my list of site updates for the coming year (or not):

  • Gear reviews
  • Book reviews
  • A new project

No promises, though. This is definitely not a new year’s resolution.

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