Plus-X Strikes Back

So, the fall semester is here, and I’m once again using my staff fee waiver to take a film photo class — this time for “Beginning Pro,” which is a pretty highfalutin way of saying “second semester.” : )

The first thing I did was run a couple of rolls of Plus-X through my Nikkormat — including a few frames which were part of an assignment to shoot a self-portrait which “reveals something” about oneself. I developed them as soon as the lab was open, and was rather surprised at the results. Definitely an improvement from what I was doing earlier this year with Plus-X — maybe photography is like level-grinding in an RPG, and all the C-41, E-6, and digital I shot over the summer — plus all those Espers I found while riding my Chocobo — have left me better prepared to deal with black and white now.

Or maybe I just got lucky. : )





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