1/125: a blog about photography

I write about other people's photographs at 1/125 alongside Karl Gunnarsson. The writing there is the best work I presently do as far as words are concerned: as reasoned, honest, and incisive as I can make it. I can't guarantee that you'll learn something or be persuaded of something after you read a post of mine at 1/125, but you'll know that I really looked at a photograph, and that I felt and thought something about it, and did my best to turn the feeling and thinking into something that might be of use to someone else.

Some good places to start on 1/125:

My photographs

I make photographs, also. You can see some of them in sequenced/organized form here. I'm also pretty active on flickr. Don't expect my stream to be carefully curated or even remotely consistent. I treat it as stream of consciousness. The project I'm currently working on most is US and California Flags in infrared.

I have a personal blog called I Can See it For You Wholesale. Unlike 1/125, I Can See it For You, relates mainly to my own process and progress in photography. It is updated even less regularly than 1/125.

Twitter and Tumblr

My twitter and tumblr accounts are used the way those services are supposed to be used: as a mish-mash of thoughts, quotations, dick jokes, rants about current events, politics, and religion, photos, dick jokes, over-wrought musings about tv shows, books, comics, and video games, and dick jokes.

You can email me at kukkurovaca@gmail.com.